Pitt Career Center Talk

If you are considering your post-graduation options or are curious as to what opportunities Pitt can provide you to prepare for your future career, this talk is for you.  Lauren will discuss how to connect with the Career Center and the services it offers.  Note also that this talk comes ahead of the career fair, which will be held on September 28th-30th.


All students are welcome to attend and there will be pizza.


Multiphase Mean Curvature Flow: Uniqueness Properties of Weak Solution Concepts and Phase-Field Approximations

 Topology changes occur naturally in geometric evolution equations like mean curvature flow. As classical solution concepts break down at such geometric singularities, the use of weak solution concepts becomes necessary in order to describe topological changes.
For two-phase mean curvature flow, the theory of viscosity solutions by Chen-Giga-Goto and Evans-Spruck provides a concept of weak solutions with basically optimal existence and uniqueness properties.