Extracurricular Activities

Actuarial Math Club

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Most of the extra-curricular activities associated with the Actuarial Math degree program occur under the auspices of the Pitt Actuarial Math Club – Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS). The Pitt Actuarial Math Club is an organization that is officially sanctioned by the Department of Mathematics at the University of Pittsburgh as well as the Beta Tau Chapter of GIS by the Society of Actuaries (SOA). All Actuarial Math majors and any student interested in following this course of study should consider becoming a member of the club in order to participate in the club’s scheduled activities as well as to share professional information on a personal level with the members. 

Math Club

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The undergraduate Math Club, formally known as “Mathematics Club at Pitt,” is open to anyone who has an interest in math! Every week we host speakers – professors, students, and alumni – to give talks. These talks can be on a wide variety of topics and there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy!

Undergraduate Mathematics Seminar

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The Undergraduate Mathematics Seminar is a faculty-run seminar that provides undergraduates with a setting to hear about mathematical ideas and opportunites that are not typically discussed in the classroom. The format of the seminar ranges from traditional talks to panel discussions and presentations by career experts. All are welcome to attend the seminars and the topics are at a level accessible to an undergraduate interested in mathematics.

Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)

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Putnam Seminar and Exam

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Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP)

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The COMAP Mathematical Competition in Modeling is an international contest in which 3-person teams of undergraduates have 96 hours to solve an open-ended, real-world-inspired applied math problem and produce a report on their results. Over 900 institutions around the world participate in the contest. Reports are judged and results are publicized; winning teams (now around 20 out of >3000 entries) are recognized by major mathematical societies (e.g., SIAM, MAA). In previous years, Pitt has on several occasions been designated "Meritorious Winner" (top 10%) and students report that participation is a unique and exciting intellectual challenge.

Integration Bee

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