Math Assistance Center/Posvar Computing Lab

Math Assistance Center

The MAC will officially open on Friday, 1/22 at 9 AM. However, some tutors may offer tutoring sessions prior to this date. Please check Pathways for availability and email Dr. Hockensmith at if you have any quesitons.

COVID - 19 Updates

The Math Assisstance Center is now virtual!

Note: Graduate students no longer hold their office hours within the MAC. If you would like to contact a specific graduate student for asisstance, please consult this list: Graduate Student Office Hours

Calculus Review Sessions: Some of the tutors in the MAC will host review sessions throughout the semester.  To see a list of days, times, topics, and zoom links, please consult the following list: Review Sessions. This list will be updated throughout the semester.

Instructions for using the MAC for the spring semester of 2021.

- The MAC offers appointment-based tutoring for the following courses:

  • Algebra (Maths 0010-0031)
  • Precalculus (Math 0200)
  • Business Calculus (Math 120)
  • Calculus 1-3 (Maths 0220-0240)
  • Linear Algebra (Math 0280)
  • Differential Equations (Math 0290)
  • Intro to Theoretical Math (Math 0413)

- Appointments are 30 mintues long and can be made up to 7 days in advance or right before the time slot/even during the time slot as long as it is available.

To make an appointment with a tutor, you will need to use the Navigate app on OR you may download the mobile app called Navigate Student. Navigate is widely used at Pitt to obtain information about upcoming events and schedule appointments with advisors or tutors.

This app is available in the Apple Store or Google Play Store, and you can search for it by typing “Navigate Student”.

Once you download the app, you will be prompted to select your school (type in: University of Pittsburgh)

After you have taken these steps, you are ready to make an appointment at the Virtual Math Assistance Center.

  • Click on the "Appointments" button on the home screen.
  • Choose "Schedule an Appointment"
  • Choose "Tutoring"
  • Choose "Virtual Math Assistance Center". You may need to select this again when choosing the location.
  • Pick the reason for your appointment, for example "Math 230 – Calculus II" or "Math 400 – Finite Mathematics.”

*Choose an appointment time that fits your schedule. In the comments field when scheduling an appointment, you can specify exactly what you would like to talk about, if you know. This field is not required.

- If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties, please email Dr. Hockensmith immediately at This is a new setup for the Math Assistance Center, so there will be problems.  Please inform us asap so we can fix them.

Dietrich School Scientific Computing Lab

Some mathematics courses include computer assignments using Loc CAPA, Mathematica, Maple or Matlab software. Expert help is available with this software on a walk-in basis in the Posvar Computer Lab.


Posvar Hall
Room 1200A
230 S Bouquet St.


No in-person due to COVID-19


No in-person consultant.


For general study tips and academic advice, as well as resources for other subjects, feel free to consult the Study Lab Web page.