Math Assistance Center/Posvar Computing Lab

Math Assistance Center

COVID - 19 Updates

If you need to contact your TA or you would like assistance with your coursework, please use the following list to contact TA’s who can help you.  Simply email a TA and inquire if they will have time during their office hours to help you.  The TA should respond and, if they are able to accommodate you, will invite you to their office hours.

Summer 2020 TA Office Hours


The Math Assistance Center (MAC) provides a walk-in service; no appointments are scheduled or needed. If there is a particular teaching assistant you prefer to work with, their hours are listed in the schedules below. However, all graduate teaching assistants present at any time have the capacity to aid in any undergraduate mathematics course. Undergraduate teaching assistants are there to provide assistance in sub-calculus classes.


The MAC has moved! It is now located in the O'Hara Student Center.

O'Hara Student Center
Room 215
4024 O'Hara Street


Fall/Spring Term Hours

Monday - Thursday, 9 a.m.-7 p.m.
Friday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday, closed

Summer Term Hours

Monday - Friday, 10 a.m.-1 p.m., 3 p.m.-6 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday, closed

The MAC opens the second week of classes each term and is closed during finals week.


Graduate MAC Schedule

MAC Master Schedule

Schedules by Class:

Spring 2020

  • Math 120 - Business Calculus
  • Math 240 - Analytic Geometry and Calculus III
  • Math 280 - Linear Algebra
  • Math 290 - Differential Equations
  • Math 400 - Finite Mathematics
  • Math 413 - Intro to Theoretical Math
  • Math 420 - Theoretical 1 Variable Calculus
  • Math 430 - Intro to Abstract Algebraic Systems
  • Math 450 - Intro to Analysis, Honors
  • Math 470 - Actuarial Mathematics I
  • Math 1025 - Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography
  • Math 1080 - Numerical Linear Algebra
  • Math 1121 - Actuarial Mathematics II
  • Math 1180 - Linear Algebra
  • Math 1250 - Abstract Algebra
  • Math 1270 - Ordinary Differential Equations I
  • Math 1280 - Ordinary Differential Equations II
  • Math 1310 - Graph Theory
  • Math 1510 - Mathematical Probability
  • Math 1540 - Advanced Calculus II
  • Math 1560 - Complex Variables and Applications


If you have any questions, please contact MAC Director Daniel Hockensmith or one of the following MAC coordinators.


Dietrich School Scientific Computing Lab

Some mathematics courses include computer assignments using Loc CAPA, Mathematica, Maple or Matlab software. Expert help is available with this software on a walk-in basis in the Posvar Computer Lab.


Posvar Hall
Room 1200A
230 S Bouquet St.


Because classes are held regularly in the Posvar Computer Lab, students should consult the schedule for hours when walk-in help is available.

Posvar Lab Schedule Spring 2019


If you have any questions regarding the lab, please contact graduate student operator Ahmed Zytoon (


For general study tips and academic advice, as well as resources for other subjects, feel free to consult the Study Lab Web page.