Math Assistance Center/Posvar Computing Lab

Math Assistance Center

Status: The MAC will open for the fall semester on Tuesday, January 17th, for walk-in assistance and appointments. The schedule of graduate TA's and walk-in availability will be posted over the weekend of January 13th.

Interested in working at the MAC? Please have a look at our job application.
We are also looking for more undergraduate teaching assistants for the spring and fall: UTA application.

The Math Assistance Center’s Mission

The Math Assistance Center seeks to enhance your understanding of mathematics through effective and focused tutoring. Our undergraduate tutors can provide explanations, guidance, and helpful study strategies for those students who are seeking to overcome the barriers and difficulties that so often appear in mathematics courses. Additionally, students may visit their graduate TA in the Math Assistance Center to receive more advanced assistance or advice pertinent to the course(s) they are taking. Regardless of your reasons for visiting the MAC, we hope that it is a productive and useful endeavor.

MAC Operation for Spring 2023

The Math Assistance Center will open on Tuesday, September 6th for walk-in assistance and tutoring-by-appointment. The schedule for walk-in appointments is below. Instructions for scheduling appointments are below the walk-in schedules.   If you have any questions or concerns, please email Dr. Hockensmith at

Fall Semester Walk-in Schedule(s)

Here is the walk-in schedule for the spring semester of 2023. ***There are no walk-ins on Wednesdays, only tutoring via appointment*** This will change as we onboard more tutors.

Walk-In Schedule for Spring 2023

It is comprised of graduate students and undergraduate TA's. Note that most students can help with courses up to Math 413, but the number of TA's available for walk-ins for upper level courses is more sparse. Consult the schedules for each course below to determine who is available to help with a specific subject and when they will be in the MAC. Some courses like Math 235 are currently omitted and will be added in the near future (by the third week of classes).

Course Name Schedule
Algebra - Maths 10, 25, and 31 Schedule
Prep for Scientific Calc - Math 200 200
Business Calculus - Math 120 120
Calculus I - Math 220 220
Calculus II - Math 230 230
Calculus III -- Math 240 240
Linear Algebra - Math 280 280
Differential Equations - Math 290 290
Finite Mathematics - Math 400  
Intro to Theoretical Mathematics - Math 413 413
Theory of 1 Variable Calculus - Math 420 420
Abstract Algebraic Systems - 430 430
Number Theory - Math 1020  
Combinatorial Mathematics - Math 1050  
Linear Algebra - Math 1180 1180
Ordinary Differential Equations - Math 1270 1270

Instructions for Tutoring-by-Appointment

Appointments are available within the Navigate Student App. To make an appointment, please follow the steps below:

  • Download the Navigate Student App on your phone or use the designated browser app that is accessible in
  • Log in using your Pitt ID and password. You will be asked to authenticate using 2 factor authentication.
  • Click on the Appointments tab.
  • Select Tutoring as the type of appointment.
  • Select the Math Assistance Center as your location.
  • Select the course with which you need assistance.
  • You should be presented with a list of available times at which you may receive tutoring. Appointments are 30 minutes in length.
  • Please email Dr. Hockensmith at if you have trouble making appointments, a tutor who does not show up to an appointment, or if you have any questions about making an appointment.
  • If you wish to schedule an appointment with a specific tutor and cannot do so through the app, please email Dr. Hockensmith at


MAC Location:

O'Hara Student Center

2nd Floor, Room 215

Hours for the Physical Location of the MAC:

Please consult the schedule above.


Daniel Hockensmith


Dietrich School Scientific Computing Lab


Posvar Hall
Room 1200A
230 S Bouquet St.




No in-person consultant.


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