Mathematics Research Center

The Mathematics Research Center was established in 2011 with support from the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences at University of Pittsburgh. The MRC operates within the Department of Mathematics and its research activities encompass a broad range of areas, including algebra, combinatorics, geometry, topology, analysis, applied analysis, mathematical biology, mathematical finance, numerical analysis, and scientific computing. Ongoing activities include semester themes, distinguished lecture series, workshops, miniconferences, research seminars, a visitor program, and a postdoctoral program.

Upcoming Workshops and Mini Conferences

Professor Manuel Ritoré Lectures

Please join the Mathematics Department in welcoming Professor Manuel Ritoré. Professor Manuel Ritoré from the University of Granada is well known for a complete classification of double bubbles in the 3-dimensional space. A "standard double bubble'' is made of three pieces of round spheres, meeting along a common circle at an angle of 120 degrees. Manuel Ritoré in a joint work with M. Hutchings, F. Morgan and A. Ross (Ann. Math. 2002) proved the celebrated double bubble conjecture which asserts that the unique perimeter-minimizing double bubble enclosing regions of prescribed volumes is a standard double bubble. Prof. Ritoré will be giving 2 special lectures in Septmeber. More»

Local and Nonlocal Trends in Analysis and Geometry

This workshop aims to bring together mathematicians that are currently working on local and nonlocal differential equations and applications, particularly to geometry. In addition to established senior scientist, we plan for the participation of young researchers, including graduate students. The extremely fruitful interplay between geometry and analysis is as old as the two subjects, and in recent years nonlocal techniques have been developed that promise further applications in Geometric Analysis. It is our goal to bring together experts in these different fields, to foster the exchange of ideas and open problems.

Juan Manfredi (University of Pittsburgh)
Armin Schikorra (University of Pittsburgh)
Yannick Sire (Johns Hopkins University).

October 10-12, 2019 More»

Previous Workshops and Mini-Conferences

Structure Preserving Discretizations: FEMS, Splines, and IGA

May 31 - June 1, 2019  More»

Time Fliters and Predictive Accuracy

May 29th - 31st, 2019 More»

From the Fundamental Lemma to Discrete Geometry, to Formal Verification
A conference in honour of Thomas C. Hales on the occasion of his 60th birthday

June 18-22, 2018  More»

Pittsburgh PDE Workshop
November 30 - December 1, 2018

Complex Systems in Neuroscience: Bridging Theory and Experiment
March 8-10, 2018  More»

Workshop on Function Spaces
February 10-16, 2018 

Workshop on PDEs in Fluid Dynamics
November 3-5, 2017  More»

Workshop: Graphs and Continua Theory
September 2, 2017 

An Introduction to Scientific Computing using Free Software FreeFem++
August 22 - September 1, 2017,  More»

Nonconvexity, Nonlocality and Incompatibility: From Materials to Biology
May 5-7, 2017  More »

Cohomology Theories, Categories, and Applications
March 25-26, 2017

Minisymposium on High Frequency Trading
March 25 - 26, 2017  More »

Workshop on Nonlinear Waves: Analysis and Applications
March 17-19, 2017  More »

Analysis on Metric Spaces
March 10-11, 2017 More >

Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty Quantification for Dynamical Systems
March 5-6, 2017  More»

Computational Modeling of Respiratory Central Pattern Generators
December 8, 2016

Fixed Points and Banach Spaces Mini-Conference
September 24, 2016

Numerical Analysis and Predictability of Fluid Motion
May 3-4, 2016  More»

Workshop on Stochastic PDEs
December 4-5, 2015  More»

Nonlinear PDEs, Numerical Analysis, and Applications Conference
October 2-3, 2015

Flavors of Cohomology
June 3-5, 2015 

Pitt Topology Conference 2015
May 11-12, 2015 

Fixed Points and Banach Spaces Mini-Conference
April 18, 2015 

Special Day on Moduli Space
April 11, 2015 

Higher Structures and Cohomology Theories
March 28 -29, 2015

Conference on PDEs and Free Boundary Problems
March 11-14, 2015

Workshop on Universal and Maximal Quadratic Forms
February 26, 2015

Workshop on Geometry and Representation Theory
February 5, 2015

Advances in Dicrete Networks Workshop
December 12-14, 2015  More»

2014 Fall Theme Semester on Discrete Networks: Geometry, Dynamics and Applications
September - December 2014  More»

Workshop on Computational Geomechanics
May 22 - 23, 2014  

Geometry, Topology and Physics Workshop
May 14 - 15, 2014 

2014 Theme Semester on Convex Integration and Analysis
January - May 2014  More »

International Workshop "Advances in Nonlinear Analysis"
March 13 - 15, 2014  More »

Nonlinear Dynamics and Stochastic Methods: from Neuroscience to Other Biological Applications
March 10-12, 2013  More »

Higher Geometry and Quantum Field Theory
August 19-23, 2013.

Chern-Simons Theory: Geometry, Topology and Physics
May 4-6, 2013  More »

International Workshop "Advances in Nonlinear Science"
March 14 - 16, 2013  More »

2013 Theme Semester on Game Theory and PDEs

January - May 2013  More »

Finite Element Circus, Fall 2012

October 12-13, 2012  More »

CBSG Theme Days  More »
May 4–5, 2012


April 21, 2012

Workshop on Hyperbolic Conservation Laws and Infinite-Dimensional Dynamical Systems   More »
March 30 - April 1, 2012

'Topology/Geometry+Analysis' Workshop
March 16 and 17, 2012 

'Topology/Geometry+Algebra' Workshop
January 20–21, 2012