Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at the University of Pittsburgh!

Our Mission Statement

The Department of Mathematics is committed to:

  • Advancing the frontiers of pure and applied mathematics.
  • Providing training in critical and quantitative thinking through mathematical methods.
  • Promoting and connecting mathematics to the community.
  • Encouraging an inclusive climate of learning, research, and collaboration in mathematics, where all are welcome, valued, and treated with respect.

We do this by:

  • Providing top quality graduate and undergraduate instruction.
  • Maintaining a modern curriculum that reflects advances in mathematical sciences and related areas.
  • Providing opportunities for students through multidisciplinary programs.
  • Advising and mentoring students on their academic and career goals.
  • Fostering excellence in research and scholarship.
  • Seeking out and welcoming mathematical participation by members of diverse communities.
  • Developing research collaborations that build on the strengths of our university, other universities, and the local business and research communities.
  • Providing instructional and recreational mathematical programs and activities to high schools to build interest and enthusiasm for the field of mathematics.
  • Making faculty and their expertise available to local schools and non-profit organizations.

Our faculty is dedicated to the creation of new mathematics, the connection of mathematics to other areas, and the communication of mathematics.


Gifts to the Department of Mathematics have a direct impact on the daily lives of students and are applied in a variety of ways.

Michalik Distinguished Lecture Series

Edmund R. Michalik has a long history with the University of Pittsburgh and the Department of Mathematics. View our upcoming and past lectures featured in the Edmund R. Michalik Distinguished Lecture Series.