Information for Incoming Graduate Students

On behalf of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Pittsburgh, we want to welcome you to our graduate training program. We are delighted that you have accepted our offer of admission and will be joining us in the fall. You probably have many questions, and we would like to answer all of them. 

When do I need to arrive?

We are asking all new students to arrive in time to attend the first of several orientation sessions organized by the Department of Mathematics and other units within the University of Pittsburgh.

  • The first session does not apply to everyone in our incoming class, but I wanted to make sure it was on the schedule.
  • On Monday, August 15th:  the Office of International Services (OIS) will host a Graduate and Professional Studies Student Orientation. Please be on the lookout for information from OIS about this event.
  • The second session will be held on Tuesday, August 23rd: the Office of the Provost will host a New Graduate Student Orientation. This event is not mandatory but is a great event to meet other students from other departments plus to learn more about the university along with the benefits you will receive as a graduate student at Pitt. Please be on the lookout for more information about this event.
  • The third session will be held on August 24th.  The Department of Mathematics will host a welcome and general introduction to the department. More details to come. Keep an eye on your Pitt email inbox.
  • The last session will be held on Friday, August 26th: the University Center for Teaching and Learning will host a New Teaching Assistant Orientation. This is a mandatory event. Even though you may not be teaching this semester you will in the future, and this is great event to learn more about the role and responsibility of being a TA. I will forward you more information about this event once it becomes available.
  • The first day of classes are on Monday, August 29th!

Who should I contact regarding my Teaching Assistant appointment?

You will be assigned a specific class where you will be a Teaching Assistant. You should set up a specific time to meet with the Faculty member who you will be assisting prior to the start of classes on Monday, August 29th.

When and how do I register for classes?

Before you arrive in Pittsburgh, you should investigate the course requirements for your training program and the course offerings for the fall term To do this choose Fall Term 2022-2023/Campus-Pittsburgh/Acad Career – Graduate/Subject- MATH (Mathematics)/Search.

When you meet with your faculty advisor, you should confer with them about your course selections. As new students, registration for classes for your first semester will be taken care of by me in the Mathematics Graduate Studies office when you arrive on campus or if throughout the summer you and your advisor have a list of courses set just email them to me and I will add them to your schedule.

What resources are available to assist me with my move?

Pitt has an off campus living website which may be helpful in your housing search.

Some neighborhoods to consider for you would be North Oakland, Squirrel Hill, Shadyside, Edgewood, Point Breeze, Friendship, Highland Park (all on a bus route).

Other resources can be found from the Office of the Provost at and from the Graduate Studies Office You can also learn more about the City of Pittsburgh from several sites: and

Anything else?

Yes! As an admitted student, please log into the Pitt Portal and review all the personal information you have submitted during the application process. Check your address and other contact information and make any changes necessary as soon as possible. If you have not created your Pitt email account, please do so.

English Language Comprehensibility Test for International Teaching Assistants/Fellows

All University of Pittsburgh graduate students who are not native speakers of English and who have been appointed as Teaching Assistants (TAs) or Teaching Fellows (TFs) must be tested before being assigned any teaching duties. This includes students who have attended universities in the United States, including the University of Pittsburgh, and those who have been TAs/TFs at other U.S. institutions. As soon as the testing schedule for Fall 2022 is released I will forward this information.

Payroll and Building Access

Payroll Administrator: Rosalie Jones Moore -

Administrative Officer: Carol Miller -

Assistant to Chair: Jason Irwin - starting in August


Business Coordinator: Dylan Knapp-Scott -

Third Floor Main Office Kitchen and 7th Floor Lounge

You are welcome to use the kitchen and lounge at any time. Coffee, tea, water, refrigerator, freezer, toasters, and microwaves are available.


Please go to the website,, for more information

 Pitt Identification Card

The “Panther Card” can be obtained from Panther Central, located in the main lobby of Litchfield Towers. For more information visit or call 412-648-1100. Please check the website for their operating hours.


Please visit to obtain more information about the parking and transportation options at the University of Pittsburgh.

Emergency Notification System

The University’s Emergency Notification Service is used to communicate through text, voice, and email messages as deemed appropriate in the event of an emergency. To subscribe, login to and click on the “Emergency Notification”.

PittPay Bills

Every term you will receive a tuition payment reminder. You will not receive an actual tuition bill in the US mail. The University will notify you by email ONLY. Once again, important that you use your Pitt email. All tuition bills are due around the 20th of the month. You are responsible for the Graduate Student Activity Fee ONLY during each term. Please make sure you pay this fee by the due date. This is your only financial responsibility to the university as long as you are supported as a graduate student in our department.

If for some reason you complete an add/drop and receive another tuition bill, you MUST bring this to the attention of the Dean’s office to pay the tuition. Please notify me ( so I can reach out to the Dean’s Office to pay the tuition.

Checking your eBill is easy: –use your username and password (same as your Pitt email account)

Select: My communities – Student Services – PittPAY under Peoplesoft Self Service

Class Enrollment

Every term you will be sent an email to your Pitt account to let you know when it is time to register. If you do not register by the deadline, you can be charged a late registration fee. If you do not pay your student activity fee on time, you can also be assessed a late payment fee. All late registration fees or late payment fees will be your responsibility.

Mathematics IT Issues

If you have any issues with logging into please contact the Help Desk: Accounts Self-Service Pitt’s Software Repository

Counseling Services or 412-648-7930

Ombudsperson Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences

Philippa Carter: pkc3@pitt.ed

Please feel free to contact Jay Drummond ( if you have any further questions or any issues arise.

We will be sending out a detailed schedule for orientation!