Math Club - Fermat's Little Theorem and the RSA Cryptosystem

"Private messaging, online shopping, and many other computer applications are heavily reliant on cryptography, a set of tools that allow us to prevent third parties from eavesdropping on or interfering with our communications. Turns out, many cryptography algorithms rely heavily on math! We will see how Fermat's Little Theorem, a simple number theory result from the 17th century, forms the basis of the RSA cryptosystem, which is one of the most important modern asymmetric-key cryptography algorithms".

The surprising properties of the humble triangle

An investigation into the humble trigon, including unique triangles with curious properties that yield surprising results and curious patterns. The three-pointed heroes of geometry have a lot to offer but are often overlooked and ignored without realising the marvels that lie within. From the etymology surrounding our geometrical friend, through to a number of not-famous-enough triangles and theorems associated with them, we'll slowly come to the inarguable conclusion that triangles could, in essence, beat all other shapes in a geometrical fight.