Seminar on affine Grassmannians

This semester we will run a seminar on affine Grassmannians. It will be devoted to the study of affine Grassmannians and their appearances in various branches of mathematics, which will be chosen according to the interests of the participants. The webpage of the seminar can be found here It will be frequently updated. The seminar will meet at 1 pm on Thursdays via Zoom, Meeting ID: 928 0506 1304.

Andrea Mondino - Optimal Transport, weak Laplacian bounds and minimal boundaries in non-smooth spaces with Lower Ricci Curvature bounds

The goal of the seminar is to report on recent joint work with Daniele Semola, motivated by a question of Gromov to establish a “synthetic regularity theory" for minimal surfaces in non-smooth ambient spaces.

In the setting of non-smooth spaces with lower Ricci Curvature bounds:

Filip Rindler - Space-time integral currents of bounded variation

I will present aspects of a theory of space-time integral currents with bounded variation in time. This is motivated by a recent model for elasto-plastic evolutions that are driven by the flow of dislocations (this model is joint work with T. Hudson). The classical scalar BV-theory can be recovered as the 0-dimensional limit case of this BV space-time theory.