By the Numb3rs Spring 2018 - Undergraduate


Featured Alumni: Chandri Patel

What are you doing now?

I am working as a Sales Operations Analyst at Zoll Lifevest.

What are 2-3 ways your experience at Pitt prepared you for this position?

By taking Dr. Wheelers BIG class, I gained real life work experience. His class brought together students from different backgrounds to solve a problem for a company.  I gained valuable team work and problem solving skills that helped prepare me for my summer internship before senior year, which lead to a full time position after graduation.

Currently I am the representative from my company giving Dr Wheelers current class a real world problem to solve. I hope the students gain the valuable lessons and skills that I did and apply them when interview for grad school, internships, or even jobs.

Do you have a word of wisdom for current students or students considering the Math program?

“Take advantage of the opportunities presented to you; you never know where they will lead.”
“Networking is key. Meeting certain people can lead to new opportunity. “

Do you still in live in Pittsburgh?  What are some things that kept you here? 

I do still live in Pittsburgh.  My summer internship lead to a full time position after graduation.  Since I was already acclimated with my coworkers and management, I stayed with the company.  It was also a plus that most of my closest friends stayed as well, because you need a support system no matter what path you take. 

Featured Alumni: Dr. Carey Caginalp (2011) and Prof. Gunduz Caginalp published a paper on cryptocurrencies

Dr. Carey Caginalp and Prof. Gunduz Caginalp recently published a paper on cryptocurrencies in the Proc. National Academy of Sciences that has received media attention in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Australian and other world media outlets (see

The paper was downloaded 8,000 times in its first ten days, and is among the top 3% of all papers ever published in PNAS by its "attention metric."


2018 Culver Prize Recipients

Siqi Cao
Emma Katherine Casehart
Jonathan B Dyer
Matthew Louis Gerstbrein
Paige Elizabeth Haring
Qianhui Huang
Nicholas James Kissel
Tiantian Liu
Olivia Anne Raymond
Madoc Lydon Smith
Edward Marden Terrell

2018 Dr. Beverly K. Michael Math Education Award

Sarah Goldman