By the Numb3rs Fall 2017


New Grants

A Biohybrid Device for Regulating Inflammation in Sepsis
Principle Investigator: Greg Constantine
Sponsor: NIH

CRCNS: Formation of Stimulus Selective Neural Assemblies in Piriform Cortex
Principle Investigator:  Brent Doiron
Sponsor: NIH

Understanding the Synaptic, Cellular and Circuit Wevents of MEG & EEG
Principle Investigator: Brent Doiron
Sponsor: NIH

Modeling the Interactions of Stimuli and Ongoing Activity in Cortical Networks
Principle Investigator: Bard Ermentrout
Sponsor: NSF

Collaborative Research: Olfactory Navigation
Principle Investigator:  Bard Ermentrout
Sponsor: NSF

Principle Bundles and Hitchin System
Principle Investigator: Roman Fedorov
Sponsor: NSF

Swartz Foundation Fellow for Theory in Neuroscience
Principle Investigator:  Chengcheng Huang
Sponsor: Swartz Doundation

n-Extended Affine Hecke Algebras and Lie Theory
Principle Investigator: Bogdan Ion
Sponsor: Simons Foundation

Finite Element Methods for Incompressible Flow Yielding Divergence-Free Approximations
Principle Investigator: Michael Nelian
Sponsor: NSF

CRCNS US-Germain Israeli Research Proposal: Multi-Level Neuro-Computational Models of Basal Ganglia Dysfunction
Principle Investigator: Jonathan Rubin