By the Numb3rs Fall 2017


Featured Graduate Student: Victor DeCaria

I spent the summer of 2017 at Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, part of Naval Nuclear Laboratory. I was given hands on experience with Victor DeCarialeveraging High Performance Computing to simulate complex physical phenomenon. Working with a mentor who is a scientist and software developer has changed the way I conduct my own research, which is in computational fluid dynamics, as I learned more efficient programming practices and how to remotely interface with computer clusters. Working with scientists and engineers with different specializations also taught me how vital teamwork and communication skills are in industry. Overall, it was an incredibly valuable experience that gave me perspective on the different set of challenges and expectations a mathematician in industry faces.


13th Thomas C. Hales Distinguished Research Award

Xiaodan  Zhou

Andrew Mellon Predoctoral Fellowship Award (2017-2018)

Benjamin Letson
Young Min Park
Roxana-Irina Popescu

Mathematics Teaching Assistant Excellence Award

Steven Michael Lindsey
Abby Pekoske

2017 Elizabeth Baranger Teaching Award

Derek Jeffrey Orr