By the Numb3rs Fall 2016


What's Happening in the Math Club

The Math Club started many years ago with a small group of students. Today it has grown to be a big resource for students who want to mingle with other like-minded individuals and enrich their knowledge outside the classroom. The club has members from a variety of disciplines such as mathematics, actuarial science, physics, computer science, and engineering. This variety of students is able to come together in an environment that allows them to pursue their collective interest in mathematics.

Once a week, the Math Club holds a meeting that is generally a lecture or open discussion style. Students and faculty are given the opportunity to share their knowledge with the rest of the club. This is what allows the members to gain insight on topics that are not necessarily taught within the classroom setting.

So far this semester the Math Club has had many speakers. Some of the student presentations have included a talk covering the basics of cryptography and stenanography as well as a Halloween-themed talk about mathematical modeling that used zombie populations as an example. Moreover, several students have also presented about the research they are doing on topics such as graph theory, game theory, and C-infinity algebraic geometry. These presentations served as a big motivation for the freshmen in the club to get started on their own research.

During one meeting, a Career Consultant from the Office of Career Development & Placement Assistance was able to come and discuss various post-graduation options for students who were majoring in the various STEM fields.

On top of all of the talks, the Math Club also held a screening of The Imitation Game several weeks ago to give students a break from their midterms and just come and relax while they watched a movie about one of the great mathematicians from the past century.

Overall the Math Club provides both support and enjoyment to those individuals who have an interest in mathematics.

• Terry Tan (Math Club's business manager) gave both the talk on cryptography and stenanogrophy as well as the talk on zombie population modeling.
• Jacob Gross (a senior math major) gave the research talk on C-infinity algebraic geometry
• Mark Paulson (a senior math major) gave the research talk on graph theory and game theory
• Emily Bennett (the Career Consultant for Science and Technology under the STEM fields at the Office of Career Development & Placement Assistance) gave the post-graduation options talk

--story contributed by Michelle Holodny