By the Numb3rs Fall 2013

New Graduate Director:

David SwigonProf. David Swigon

Dr. Paul Gartside has stepped down from the position of Graduate Director at the end of last summer after serving for 4 years.  Dr. Gartside has made important contributions to the development of our graduate program and has overseen a rise in the quality of our students. Dr. David Swigon has assumed the position for the present year. Dr. Swigon has been a member of the Department since 2004 and received his tenure in 2011. He enjoys teaching applied mathematics, advising students, and doing research in the area of dynamical systems and mathematical modeling in immunology and molecular biology. He has received Alfred P. Sloan fellowship and his work has been supported by grants from NIH, NSF, and HFSP.

New Faculty:

Hao XuHao Xu

We are please to announce the addition of Assistant Professor Dr. Xu to the Math Department.  Dr. Xu was a postdoc at Harvard University (2009-2013), and holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Zhejiang University (2009).  Dr. Xu works in moduli spaces of curves, complex geometry and related areas. His recent work focus on tautological rings and Feynman diagram formulas in deformation quantization, Bergman and heat kernels.

He was awarded Zhong Jiaqing Mathematics Award (2007) from Chinese Mathematical Society, the New World Mathematics Award Gold Prize for his Ph.D. thesis (2007) and Morningside Silver Medal of Mathematics (2013).

New Staff:

Pat Markham

We are pleased to welcome Ms. Pat Markham as the new Graduate Student Administrator, in the Math Department.  Pat has a Bachelor’s Degree from Chatham University and more than 20 years of work experience at Chatham University.  Most recently Pat was the Nursing Program Coordinator, working with Graduate Students from all over the world.  We look forward to working with Pat as a valuable team member.