Undergraduate Program

The Department of Mathematics offers programs leading to Bachelor of Science degrees in mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematical biology and actuarial mathematics, as well as joint degree programs in scientific computing, mathematics/economics and in mathematics/philosophy.

A degree in mathematics provides an excellent base on which to build a career in virtually any high technology field and provides a particularly strong foundation for advanced study in science, engineering, and finance.

As a mathematics major, you will be thoroughly trained in classical mathematics, in addition to being exposed to ideas on the cutting edge of current research. Your training will include the use of the latest technological tools, and you will have access to the department's computer labs, equipped with workstations and the latest mathematical software.

There are numerous opportunities for mathematics majors to undertake research projects under the supervision of faculty members.

Recent projects have included the rhythms of smell (Manuel Gomez-Ramirez, advised by Professor Bard Ermentrout) and autohomeomorphisms of the plane and Cantor set (Rolf Suabedissen, advised by Professors Paul Gartside and Bob Heath).

Students considering a major in the Department of Mathematics should speak with an advisor in the department as soon as possible. To arrange an advising appointment, visit the mathematics receptionist in room 301 of Thackeray Hall or call the department at 412-624-8375.



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