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At the University of Pittsburgh, undergraduates have the opportunity to engage in research, scholarship and creative experiences with faculty who are leaders in their fields. As members of a top public research university, Pitt undergraduates can choose to engage in a variety of research experiences across schools, disciplines and academic settings. Experience-based learning that complements classroom learning allows Pitt undergraduates to develop mentoring relationships with faculty, gain critical skills, clarify life goals and strengthen career aspirations. Active participation in research, scholarship, and creative endeavors strengthens a sense of belonging to the University and provides an intellectual and social community for undergraduates. For more information on opportunities at the University of Pittsburgh visit the Dietrich School’s Undergraduate Research page. In addition, the University Honors College edits The Pittsburgh Undergraduate  Review that publishes independent undergraduate scholarship.

You may approach any of the faculty in the Mathematics Department to explore the possibility of engaging in a research experience under their direction either formally for credit or simply to experience the opportunity to learn and use mathematics in an informal, non-lecture setting. A listing of the research interests of the current faculty members of the Mathematics Department can be found under Mathematics Department Research or in the side bar here.

There are also many research opportunities in mathematics available outside the University of Pittsburgh. Some are held in university settings while others are run as special summer programs in major mathematics research institutes. You can get an overview of upcoming undergraduate mathematics research opportunities in the US and abroad by visiting the following websites:

You can also find information about what to expect when participating in one of these programs as well as hints on how to prepare your application in the following documents:

Note also the Following Study Abroad Oppotunities

Upcoming Research Opportunities:

IPAM 2021 Summer Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

The Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM) is excited to share with you its upcoming 2021 summer research opportunities for students!

The programs are called Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS) and Graduate-Level Research in Industrial Projects for Students (G-RIPS). We would like to ask you for your help: Could you please advertise these great research summer opportunities and/or forward this email to all students who might be interested?

In these programs, students work in teams on projects that are sponsored by an industrial partner. The projects cover a wide range of real-world topics, including big data, optimization, transportation, quantum computing, and bio-tech. We offer two programs for undergraduate students (RIPS), and two programs for graduate students (G-RIPS) at different locations.

Undergraduate students:

Please visit the respective webpages for more information and a link to the application.

Data Driven Discovery Summer REU

The University of Arizona's Data Driven Discovery Summer REU introduces undergraduate STEM students to fundamental mathematical and computational tools for data driven modeling, and provides opportunities for applying these tools to concrete scientific and engineering problems.  This fulltime research program includes a stipend of up to $5,000.00 for eligible students.

The program is part of the university's Research Training Group in Data Driven Discovery, which supports integrated research and training in data driven modeling techniques and applications, including computational neuroscience, fluid dynamics, medical imaging, and more.  For more information and to apply, see here

External Opportunities in Mathematics

Summer 2021 Opportunites:

Ross Mathematics Program

We are looking for math graduate students or upper division undergraduates who have taken a college course in Abstract Algebra and are familiar with some elementary number theory. Counselors also need strong social skills to enable them to take leading roles in supervising and guiding teenagers.

The 2021 Ross Program will be an intensive, six-week, online math camp for high school students who are deeply interested in mathematics. Students take a proof-based Number Theory course that involves challenging daily problem sets. Each Ross counselor supervises a small group of students, grading their written work and providing advice on proof-writing and problem-solving. Counselors are also participate in more advanced math classes, and have opportunities to present their own informal math lectures.

The 2021 Program will be online for 6 weeks: Sunday June 27 - Friday August 6, 2021.

Ross Counselors receive a base salary of 3000 USD. There will be opportunities for additional pay as extra tasks arise.

Visit https://rossprogram.org/counselors/ for further information about this job.

Job offers will be made during the first few months of 2021.

Apply To Be a Ross Counselor

Careers, Jobs, and Internships

The following sites provide information on summer programs offering a broad spectrum of opportunities from internships in major corporations to counselor positions in summer math camps: