Undergraduate Research/Career Opportunities


At the University of Pittsburgh, undergraduates have the opportunity to engage in research, scholarship and creative experiences with faculty who are leaders in their fields. As members of a top public research university, Pitt undergraduates can choose to engage in a variety of research experiences across schools, disciplines and academic settings. Experience-based learning that complements classroom learning allows Pitt undergraduates to develop mentoring relationships with faculty, gain critical skills, clarify life goals and strengthen career aspirations. Active participation in research, scholarship, and creative endeavors strengthens a sense of belonging to the University and provides an intellectual and social community for undergraduates. For more information on opportunities at the University of Pittsburgh visit their Undergraduate Research page. Visit the AMS REU page for more information on research opportunities available outside the university.

Study Abroad

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics -- https://www.budapestsemesters.com

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education -- https://bsmeducation.com

Math in Moscow program -- https://www.mccme.ru/mathinmoscow/

External Opportunities in Mathematics


Careers, Jobs, and Internships in Mathematics