Research Opportunities

Faculty conduct research in a wide range of topics in the mathematical sciences, from core areas to applications. In addition to classical subjects such as algebra and combinatorics; discrete mathematics and geometry; real, complex, harmonic, and functional analysis; ordinary and partial differential equations; mathematical physics and differential geometry; numerical analysis; and topology, our program includes contemporary areas of research. They include such areas as mathematical biology and computational neuroscience, nonlinear partial differential equations, large-scale scientific computing and supercomputing, computational fluid dynamics, turbulence, porous media modeling and simulation, computational geometry, and research that reflects exciting developments at the confluence of discrete mathematics, algebra, and geometry.

Research Areas

Graduate students in the Department of Mathematics will participate in many of these research areas. The faculty encourage graduate students to contact them to discuss their ideas.

Graduate Research

Graduate students are afforded the opportunity to focus their studies in a chosen area of mathematics and to participate in the exciting enterprise of conducting original research.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate students are provided a rich learning and discovery environment that includes many opportunities to take part in mentoring and research activities in partnership with faculty members.

Technical Reports

View technical reports from students within our department.