Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG)

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The Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) is the governing body for all graduate and professional students at the University of Pittsburgh. GPSG administers half of the graduate student activity fee to provide programming and services to all graduate and professional students, including a popular travel grant program for attending and presenting at conferences, free legal services, and supplemental funds for graduate student organizations. The social programming that GPSG provides throughout the year includes networking, cultural, and local sporting events.

Most importantly, GPSG connects graduate students to Pitt's administrators through graduate student representation on many University committees. These representatives advocate and make recommendations regarding students to the Office of the Provost, University Senate, Board of Trustees, and other University-wide committees.

GPSG represents the concerns of all graduate and professional students, so please contact them if you have an issue they can help with. Graduate and professional students can get involved with the GPSG by attending their monthly assembly meetings or visiting their offce in William Pitt Union.

Arts and Sciences Graduate Student Organization (A&S GSO)

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The Arts and Sciences Graduate Student Organization (A&S GSO) is an official University student organization that advocates the interests and concerns of the graduate students of the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. The A&S GSO provides the primary avenue of communications between graduate students and the administration as well as other University entities. The A&S GSO is also responsible for dispersing 50 percent of the student activity fees graduate students pay each semester.

With the activity fees, the A&S GSO sponsors events such as Happy Hours, the Grad Expo, and travel grants to support students presenting research at conferences. They also honor outstanding graduate student teaching by presenting the Elizabeth Baranger Excellence in Teaching Awards.

Any A&S graduate student is welcome to attend and participate in any of the monthly meetings of the A&S GSO, but only a department's official representative may cast a vote at such a meeting. The A&S GSO also elects its own officers, and representatives to various other University organizations.


Mathematics Graduate Student Organization (Math GSO)

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The Mathematics Graduate Student Organization (Math GSO) Executive Board is comprised of the official representatives of the graduate students in the Department of Mathematics. These students attend the A&S GSO monthly meetings and determine how to use the allocation of student activity fees dispersed by the A&S GSO.

Within the Department of Mathematics, these students are responsible for sitting on one of the following committees: Graduate Committee, Undergraduate Committee, Budget and Planning Committee, and Technology Committee. A handful of faculty are members of each committee, and these students share the graduate student opinion.

Please contact the Math GSO to discuss any issues regarding being a graduate student in the Department of Mahtmatics.


Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Student Chapter

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About SIAM - The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) is a national organization dedicated to promoting interest in applied mathematics and providing a community for mathematicians from various fields. The study of applied mathematics and computational methods are necessary and essential tools to confront and solve many real-world problems. Through its publications, research, and community, SIAM strives to promote unity and build cooperation between mathematicians and the various worlds of science and technology for the purpose of generating progress on these frontiers.

About Pitt's Student Chapter - All University of Pittsburgh mathematics graduate students are automatically eligible for free membership in SIAM and the student chapter - the list of current students is updated at the beginning of each fall and spring semester. Previous events that were hosted by the Student Chapter include: computer software workshops, postdoc panels, tours of local laboratories, and social events.


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