Undergraduate Advising


Each mathematics major is assigned to one of the Department of Mathematics faculty for academic advising. You will normally stay with the same advisor until you graduate. You can find your advisor by consulting the list of current advising assignments, which will always be available here and also posted on the third floor of Thackeray Hall. Contact information for your advisor can be found in the Department of Mathematics directory.

You must meet with your advisor before registration. You cannot register until your advisor clears you for registration.


You will register yourself for classes online through the Peoplesoft Student Center. You will be assigned a "registration appointment" time, which you can find by logging onto the Student Center. You cannot register before your assigned time.

It is your responsibility to review your online degree progress report, and choose courses to satisfy both your major requirements and A&S general education requirements. Your advisor can help you choose math courses that fit your interests and goals. Help choosing general education courses is available at the A&S Undergraduate Studies Web site.


Student Support Services

If you, or someone you know, is struggling, Pitt and Community Assistance Resources can help.