December 15, 2017
Prof. Jonathan Rubin named to the Society for Industrial and Applied Math Activity Group in Dynamical Systems Advisory Board
November 16, 2017
Mathematics' Chengcheng Huang Receives Selective Schwartz Foundation Fellowship
November 2, 2017
They did the Monster Math
The odds of the zombie apocalypse striking Pittsburgh, or anywhere else for that matter, are pretty much zero. Learn more
preview image
May 5, 2017
"BIG Problems" students reach out to the community
May 4, 2017
2017 Mathematics Commencement Breakfast and Graduation Ceremony
March 29, 2017
Brent Doiron awarded The Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship
Brent Doiron has been awarded The Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship by the Department of Defense Office of Naval Research Learn more
October 26, 2016
Don’t Believe Your Eyes - Pitt researcher Bard Ermentrout part of a team that discovers way to induce visual hallucinations
July 22, 2016
Pitt Faculty and Graduate Students at the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program and USA IMO 2016 Win
April 22, 2016
Pitt ranked 24th nationally in the 2015 Putnam Competition
October 28, 2015
Prof. Caginalp's discussion with Noble Laureate Robert Shiller on economics issues featured in Wilmott.


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