March 24, 2011
Profs. Rubin and Dioron receive new grant
February 27, 2011
Prof. Gartide awarded the Tina and David Bellet A&S Teaching Excellence Award
February 18, 2010
Prof. Thomas Hales has been honored as a winner of the 2010 Chancellor’s Awards for Distinguished Teaching, Research and Public Service.
October 12, 2009
Quantitative finance magazine Wilmott publishes cover story interview with Prof. Caginalp
September 23, 2009
Shanghai Evening Post interviews Prof. Caginalp on G-20
March 14, 2009
Pitt's Math Kangeroo challanges students to think "outside the box"
February 21, 2009
Asst. Prof. Brent Doiron receives 2009 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship
January 7, 2009
Dr. Songul Kaya-Merdan's promotion
December 12, 2008
Prof. Caginalp Featured in Science Magazine News Article
December 1, 2008
An Article written by Pitt Math Professor Thomas Hales is featured in Notices of the AMS

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