Undergraduate Research

The research interests of the department cover a wide spectrum of topics, including mathematical biology (computational neuroscience), mathematical finance (modeling and analysis of problems arising from banking, insurance, and investment), scientific computing (computational fluid dynamics, robotics, and media flow), and core mathematics (analysis, dynamics, topology, geometry, and algebra).

Recent projects have included the rhythms of smell (Manuel Gomez-Ramirez, advised by Professor Bard Ermentrout), escape of particles with Brownian motion (Carey Caginalp, advised by Professor Xinfu Chen) and autohomeomorphisms of the plane and Cantor set (Rolf Suabedissen, advised by Professors Paul Gartside and Bob Heath).

Any student considering carrying out a research project should talk to an advisor, the undergraduate director (Professor Paul Gartside), or the faculty member with whom he or she wishes to collaborate. Projects may be done to fulfill the requirements for Math 1902 (Directed Study). Proposals for summer research projects are welcome. Some funding for summer research projects may be available from the Department of Mathematics. A list of other funding sources may be found at UROPitt.

Peer Mentoring Opportunities

Opportunities are available for upper-level undergraduates to mentor other students through the Math Assistance Center (MAC). Mentors are provided with training in peer mentoring through the University's Academic Resource Center.

In addition, opportunities are available for advanced undergraduates to lead recitations in entry-level courses as undergraduate teaching assistants. Undergraduate teaching assistants work closely with the lead instructors for their courses and with the MAC staff. Students interested in mentoring or undergraduate teaching assistant positions should contact the MAC director.