Textbook Information

Math 0031: The textbook is Beecher, Penna, and Bittinger, College Algebra, 5th edition with MyMathLab.

Math 0120: The textbook is Berresford and Rockett, Brief Applied Calculus, seventh edition. The fifth and sixth editions may be available at a lower price. They differ little from the seventh edition. Check with your instructor before buying an earlier edition. Students using the sixth edition can refer to the list of practice problems in the spring 2015 schedule. Students using the fifth edition can refer to the spring 2012 syllabus.

Math 0200: The textbook is Sheldon Axler, Precalculus: A Prelude to Calculus, second edition. Print copies are available in the bookstore and from various online vendors. An ebook is also available at a lower price.

Math 0220-0240: The textbook is James Stewart, Essential Calculus with Early Transcendentals, second edition. The first edition may be available at a lower price. It differs little from the second edition. Check with you instructor before buying an earlier edition. Details on the differences are here.

Math 0280: The textbook is David Poole, Linear Algebra, A Modern Introduction, 4th Edition.

Math 0290: The textbook is Polking, Boggess and Arnold, Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems, second edition, Pearson Prentice-Hall.

Math 0400: The textbook is Soo T. Tan, Finite Mathematics for the Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences, Twelfth Edition. The Eleventh Edition and the Tenth Edition can be sufficiently used.

Math 0413 and Math 0420 use a free textbook by Jiri Lebl, with some modifications for use at Pitt. If you would like to have a printed and bound version, let your instructor know. We will ask the bookstore to run off copies once we know how many are needed. A new edition of the book, without Pitt modifications, is also available version 5.1.