Periodically forced phase oscillators

Abstract: In this talk, I will look at an old problem of very simple flow on a torus, 
x' = wx + g(x,y)
y' = wy
In particular, I will be interested in the phase-locked states for this system.  A common class of phase models  has the form that
g(x,y) = a(y) sin(x) + b(y) cos(x)
I show that this system is equivalent to a simple  map:
r' = m(r)
where m is a fractional linear map (moebius transformation) and thus there can only be robust n:1 locking (n cycles of x to 1 cycle of y) and in particular, no fractional rotation numbers.

I will also revisit systems of the form  g(x,y) = gamma P(x)Q(y) and explore n:m locking in these and what is important in the form of P(x) in order to get richer dynamics. 

This work is a collaboration with Leon Glass

Monday, February 12, 2018 - 14:00

427 Thackeray Hall

Speaker Information
G. Bard Ermentrout
University of Pittsburgh