Long time solutions for a Burgers-Hilbert equation

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 - 10:00
Thackeray 427
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Mihaela Ifrim
Postdoctoral Fellow
UC Berkeley


Special Seminar, Room Thackeray 427

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Please note the special time and place. The seminar will be held in Thackeray 427.

Abstract: We consider an initial value problem for a quadratically nonlinear inviscid Burgers- Hilbert equation that models the motion of vorticity discontinuities.  We will present two methods that will lead us to the existence of small, smooth solutions over cubically nonlinear time-scales.


- The first method  uses a normal form transformation, which is implemented by means of a near-identity coordinate change of the independent spatial variable. 

 -The second method (called the \emph{modified quasilinear energy method}) constructs an energy functional that gives good cubic energy estimates for small and smooth initial data. 

Both of these methods were successfully applied to a range of very challenging problems, as for example the water waves equations.

For vorticity discontinuities, this result means that there is a cubically nonlinear time-scale before the onset of lamentation.

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