An Experience in Undergraduate Research

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 12:00 to 12:50
158 Benedum Hall
Speaker Information
Matthew Gerstbrein
Mathematics Major
University of Pittsburgh

Abstract or Additional Information

The idea of taking on a research project as an undergraduate is one that many students will consider during their undergraduate career. However, most do not have a concrete idea of what the actual research experience entails. In this talk, we will go into detail regarding the research process from the perspective of an undergraduate, by using a personal account from this past summer for reference.

Specifically, we will touch on topics such as: what motivations a student might have for becoming involved in research, what is involved in the process, the benefits derived from taking on a project, and logistical considerations to take into account. Additionally, I will present some topics from my own research this past summer, both for the sake of general interest, and as a concrete example for reference if necessary. This talk should be of benefit to anyone interested in pursuing mathematics (or related) research at the undergraduate level, as well as those simply curious about the process.