Cross-frequency Oscillation in Mean Field Dynamics of Delay-coupled Modified Theta Neurons and its Corresponding Spiking Dynamics

Friday, September 22, 2017 - 13:00
325 Thackeray Hall
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Akao Akihiko
The University of Tokyo

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Abstract: Collective rhythm which emerges from neuronal population are widely observed in brain activities. Multi-regional interactions such as thalamocortical loop causes conduction delay between neuronal populations. The functionalities of such delay on physiological rhythms have been experimentally suggested. However, mathematical analysis of such delayed-system was restricted due to its infinite dimensionality. Here, we analyze the dynamics of delay-coupled population of modified theta neuron. We apply a dimension-reduction technique called Ott-Antonsen ansatz for population of spiking neurons with quenched variability and derive mean field dynamics as a set of delay differential equations (DDEs). We show cross-freqnecy oscillation emerges in the mean field DDE via double-hopf bifurcation. Back into the original spiking population, the relation between macroscopic mean field oscillation and microscopic spiking dynamics are discussed. (This is on going research and comments and feedbacks are appreciated.)