William J. Layton

  • Professor, PhD

Dr. Layton has published more than 160 refereed papers and 3 research books. He has advised numerous MS students and undergraduate student researchers and directed 31 PhD students of high accomplishment. Many of his PhD students have won awards for their high quality thesis research, have gone on to tenure track positions at research universities and are now producing their own excellent PhD students.


Office Hours:

Fall Term 2019

Monday, Wednesday 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM or by appointment


Education & Training

  • PhD, University of Tennessee

Research Area

Research Interests

Dr. Layton's research involves novel algorithms, models and analysis aiming to understand fluid motion.  For example, one central challenge is in modeling the large eddies (such as storm fronts, hurricanes and tornadoes in the atmosphere) in turbulent flow, predicting their motion in computational experiments and validating mathematically the large eddy models and algorithms developed. Other current challenges in his research are to develop new mathematical tools (algorithms with theory) for studying flow and contaminant transport between surface and ground water and in coupling atmosphere models and ocean models in climate studies.