Thomas Gilton

  • Teaching Assistant Professor, PhD

I received my Ph.D. from UCLA in Fall of 2019 under the supervision of Itay Neeman. My research is in Set Theory, the branch of mathematics devoted to the study of the infinite. I am particularly interested in generalizations of Ramsey's theorem to the uncountable as well as the tension between so-called "compactness" and "incompactness" phenomena in set theory. When not researching or teaching math, I'm usually spending time with my indefatigable toddler Zoe or my wife Marian, who is a philosopher of physics here at Pitt. Otherwise, I enjoy music, jogging, language learning, and reading good books.

Education & Training

  • Ph.D Mathematics, University of California, Los Angeles, Fall 2019
  • MS Mathematics, University of North Texas, 2014
  • BS Mathematics, University of North Texas, 2012
  • BA Physics, University of North Texas, 2012

Research Area