Computational Mathematics & the Naval Nuclear Laboratory

Beginning in the fall of 2022, the Department of Mathematics teamed up with the Naval Nuclear Laboratory for a joint collaboration. The partnership brought together world-leading experts in scientific computing and computational sciences to speak at the Department's Computational Mathematics Seminar.

These events have offered a unique opportunity for Pitt students and faculty to collaborate with Naval Nuclear Laboratory scientists and to learn state-of-the-art computational techniques at national labs. The 2022-23 academic year lineup included Jesse Chan from Rice University, Tzanio Kolev from Livermore, and Mauro Perego from Sandia. Some exciting speakers are lined up for future events, including Harbir Antil from George Mason University, Leo Rebholz from Clemson University, and Sara Pollock from the University of Florida.

The joint seminar series will delve into some fascinating topics, including open-source software developed by national labs for implementing modern PDE discretizations, structure-preserving high-order discretizations that accurately capture shocks in compressible flows, and leveraging modern GPU architectures towards efficient numerical simulations of turbulence models.

This is a thrilling collaboration with Naval Nuclear Laboratory, with exciting potential to explore new frontiers in computational mathematics. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming speakers and events!