Jeopardy and the Honeycomb Conjecture

Monday, January 8, 2024


On Wednesday, December 6, 2023, that night's episode of Celebrity Jeopardy was coming to a close. When the final category was revealed, to even Ken Jennings' surprise, it would be related to Applied Geometry. As the contestants contemplated their final wager and the last round of commercials aired, the audience was left wondering, "What could this final clue be?" Once the commercial break ended, the clue was then revealed,

"Thomas Hales proved hexagonal structures are the most compact way to fill a plane, a centuries-old theory based on the behavior of these"

What are bees, Ken?

Even though bees was the correct answer, we must congratulate Thomas Hales for being featured as a Final Jeopardy question! Here is to many more years of research and hopefully more Jeopardy features.

Click here to watch the video.