2024 Pitt Undergraduate Integration Bee Results

Saturday, March 23, 2024

On March 22, 2024, the 2024 Pitt Undergraduate Integration Bee took place in Alumni Hall 343. We were very excited to have had 70+ Pitt undergraduates compete and 30+ undergraduates come to observe. There were 4 math club members and 10+ graduate students and faculty members who came to help organize the event. In the pre-qualifying round, three integrals were given at once. With the time limit, we had 21 contestants correctly evaluate those integrals. In the two showcase rounds,  14 contestants made it to Round 2 and four finalists were selected with ranking after Round 2. The tournament was a head-to-head competition. Two semifinal integrals and a final integral determined the winners. Alex Taylor claimed the 2024 Champion. The other winners, in order, were Renzhi Yongtian, Pranav Ande, and Lucas Pasdo. The winners shared the $200 in bookstore certificates as a reward for their great integration performance. Congratulations to the four winners, and to all contestants, who showed impressive integration talent!

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this event in any way!!! It was great to have such enthusiastic contestants and audience members. 

This event was made possible by:

  • the help of the faculty members, Thomas Everest, Thomas Hales, Jeremiah Morgan, Derek Orr, Roxana Popescu, and Sheng Xiong.
  • the help of the graduate students, Edison Hauptman, Eugene Eyeson, Delanna Do, and Asia Parker.
  • the help of the Math Club members, Tristan Coogan, Aashrit Cunchala, Noah Kochavi, and Shea Paxton.
  • the equipment and logistic help from the staff members Richard Misura, William Tarleton, Lou Lane, Phillip Fry, Dylan Knapp-Scott, Jason Irwin, Carol Cawley, and Diane Bova.
  • the advertising efforts of many TAs and faculty members. 

Finally, as always, THANKS to the David C. Federick Honors College and the Math Department for funding this competition!