International Workshop "Advances in Discrete Networks"

Funding is available for PhD students, postdocs and young researchers. For funding application, please fill in the form.

The workshop will be held in the framework of 2014 Fall Theme Semester on Discrete Networks: Geometry, Dynamics and Applications at the University of Pittsburgh.

A network is a very general concept, encompassing any structure that can be represented as a collection of discrete nodes, some of which are joined by links called edges. An extremely broad variety of systems can be represented as networks; these range from man-made constructs such as power grids, the internet, and rigid structures, to abstract entities such as social interaction and disease contact networks, to biological systems such as neuronal or genetic networks. Mathematical and computational tools being developed to analyze such networks offer great potential for impact, given that the same mathematical framework can be used to represent such a wide diversity of systems.

This three-day workshop will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas relating to quantitative research about networks, pursued with a variety of perspectives and approaches. The event will bring together leading researchers in the field, with backgrounds in areas such as applied mathematics, mathematical biology, statistical physics, and computational methods, along with a diverse pool of graduate students, postdocs, and other scientists who are early in their careers. By doing so, it will highlight cutting edge advances in the analysis of network dynamics and structures, it will foster connections across mathematical areas and disciplines, and it will promote the involvement of junior researchers in the field.


December 12, 2014 - 12:00am to December 14, 2014 - 12:00am

Location and Address

704 Thackeray Hall