2014 University of Pittsburgh Integration Bee

What, When and Where: The 2014 Integration Bee will take place on Friday, April 4th, at 7 PM in Alumni Hall, room 343.

Who: Everyone is welcome to attend. Participation is open to any Pitt undergraduate student.

How: To sign up, email Dr. Jonathan Rubin at jonrubin@pitt.edu. Sign-ups will be taken on a first come, first served basis.

Prizes: $200 in bookstore certificates will be distributed among all winners.

Who Again: This event is sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh Honors College and Department of Mathematics.

Examples of integrals from other Integration Bees:
University of Wisconsin
University of Dayton

Official Rules for the 2014 Competition:

1) Participants must correctly evaluate indefinite or definite single variable integrals in the time allotted.

2) Participants will take turns working. In the first round, the first participant will have 2 minutes to evaluate an integral. If this is not done correctly, then the second participant will have 1 minute on the same integral. If the next answer is incorrect, the third will have 30 seconds on this integral. If all three answer incorrectly, then a new integral will be given to the fourth contestant and the sequence repeats. If the integral is evaluated correctly, the next participant gets a new integral and 2 minutes. In the second round, the same algorithm is followed for the first two students per integral but integrals will not go to 3 students.

3) Each participant is allowed one lifeline during the competition. He/she may call timeout and consult with anyone in the audience on relevant intergration techniques for 20 seconds before proceeding. The lifeline cannot simply state the answer to a problem. The participant cannot write during this consultation.

4) If a participant misses an integral, then he/she is eliminated from the competition.

5) After 2 rounds, all remaining contestants will compete head-to-head in a "lightning round" to see who can correctly evaluate the next integral the fastest. Depending on numbers of contestants, there may be multiple lightning rounds.

6) At some point, it will be announced that a particular lightning round is the final round. The integration champ is the first contestant who correctly evaluates the integral in the final round.

7) Prizes will be given to all participants who make it to the final round.

April 4, 2014 - 7:00pm

Location and Address

343 Alumni Hall