Translating Strategic Information Across Selection Games

Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 994 3631 8523

Wednesday, January 27, 2021 - 16:30


Speaker Information
Jared Holshouser
Norwich University

Abstract or Additional Information

Strategies for selection games can generalize topological properties like compactness or denseness. The existence of low information strategies will even characterize some properties. On the other hand, the properties of a space X translate into properties of the continuous real-valued functions on X and of the hyperspace of closed subsets of X. In this talk we will discuss a general scheme that uses connections between two spaces to produce an equivalence of selection games played on those spaces. We will then apply this scheme to generalize results of Aurichi, Dias, Kocinac, Li, Scheepers, Telgarski and Tkachuk about selection games on continuous function and on hyperspaces and we also bring those results under a unified methodology.