The Mathematics behind Tupper's Formula

In this talk, we will discuss so-called ``Tupper's self-referential formula'', given by

$$\displaystyle \frac{1}{2} < \left\lfloor \bmod\left(\left\lfloor\frac{y}{17}\right\rfloor 2^{-17\lfloor x\rfloor-\bmod(\lfloor y\rfloor, 17)},2\right)\right\rfloor$$

One can plot the points $(x,y)$ that satisfy this formula and (if you look in the right place) the graph is miraculous! I will go through the mathematics of why the graph looks the way it does. If there is time at the end, we will look at Python code where you can create your own Tupper graph. Pizza and drinks will be provided!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019 - 12:00 to 13:00

Thackeray 703

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Derek Orr

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