How to Produce Continuum Many Pairwise Non-Homeomorphic Psi(A)-Spaces form Almost Disjoint Families, A, on Omega

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Meeting Id: 954 657 40077
Friday, October 29, 2021 - 10:00


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Hector Barriga-Acosta
University of North Carolina

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Given an almost disjoint family A on omega, there is a topological space associated to A, namely the space $\Psi(A)$, whose underlying set is omega union the family A, and which topology satisfies: i)  omega is discrete, ii) neighborhoods for an element a in A have the form {a}union (a\F), where F is a finite subset of omega.

In this talk, we plan to have fun by using combinatorics of the Cantor tree to produce "a lot" of pairwise non-homeomorphic $\Psi(A)$-spaces.