The Equivalence of Weak and Viscosity Solutions to the p(x)-Laplace Equation in Carnot Groups

Monday, March 25, 2019 - 15:00
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Robert Freeman
University of South Florida

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Carnot groups are a generalization of Euclidean R^n in that we maintain an algebraic group law but restrict the tangent space to a dimension strictly less than n. Carnot groups are used to model activities such as how the human brain processes visual images and the procedure to parallel park a car. In this environment, we discuss the key properties of weak and viscosity solutions to the so-called p(x)-Laplace equation, a key equation in nonlinear potential theory. The p(x)-Laplace equation is also used to model such activities as fluid flow with eddies. We then show that under a natural assumption, viscosity and weak solutions coincide. 

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