Cardiovascular Mathematics: Data, (Reduced) Models and Clinics

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Friday, March 25, 2022 - 15:30 to 16:30

Thackeray Hall 704

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Alessandro Veneziani
Emory University

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“Cardiovascular mathematics” is a term introduced years ago to denote the set of mathematical and numerical modeling techniques to specifically address cardiovascular diseases. Beyond the intrinsic speculative interest, one of the privileges of working in this area is the close contact with medical doctors and clinicians in what we can call “Clinical Cardiovascular Mathematics”. The potential - and sometimes actual - role of rigorous mathematical and numerical modeling in the clinical practice significantly increases the appeal of this work.

This talk addresses some of the lessons learned working closely with clinicians on specific cardiovascular problems, including aortic dissections, stenting of coronaries and 
pediatric surgery. One of the most intriguing challenges is the reduction of computational time to fit clinical needs: reduced-order models may be the key to bridging advanced numerical techniques to the bedside.

Acknowledgment: Emory URC, NSF-DMS Project 2012286

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