Graduate Advisors

The function of a faculty graduate advisor is to assist a student in all phases of his or her graduate career until a thesis advisor is acquired or the student terminates studies by graduation or withdrawal. An advisor will be assigned to each student enrolled in the Department of Mathematics. Generally, the advisor will share research interests similar to those expressed by the student, if any. When possible, requests for advisors by name will be honored. In addition, a student may petition the Graduate Committee for a new advisor in case of a change of interest or in instances of incompatibility or fundamental disagreements.

The graduate student advisors are responsible for students who have not yet acquired thesis directors or who are not graduate student researchers (GSRs). For students who have entered the dissertation phase of their programs, thesis directors serve as advisors, whereas the corresponding research project directors advise GSRs. Advisors must be members of the graduate faculty.

The duties of an advisor are to counsel the student; formulate a course program according to the student's interests; register the student each term; approve course changes, including requesting authorization from the Graduate Committee to take courses outside of the department; and monitor the student's progress. In addition, advisors are expected to meet from time to time with the Graduate Committee to receive information on revised procedures and to consult on possible problems with the student's program.

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