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Wednesday, February 3, 2021 - 18:30


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Daniel Crawford

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 "Perhaps no game is at once more elegant, more deep, and more recognizable than CHESS. Just the term carries with it a sense of awe. From its delicate design of pieces to the intricacies of movement, from the family reunions where you may play with your uncle who taught you, to the streets of NYC, to online mass media now surrounding the game, chess has provided both casual and expert players an outlet for their strategic mind. In this talk, we will not concern ourselves with HOW TO WIN, instead we will use our mathematical tool kit to delve into the WHY THIS WINS. Using topics from graph theory, abstract algebra, to combinatorics and operations research, we will discuss the mathematical underpinnings."

Daniel Crawford is excited to come back to the math club to talk about one of his most iconic pastimes. He graduated from Pitt Math with an honors research degree and is now an Operations Research/Systems Analyst. 

This talk will be open to all, regardless of skill in mathematics or chess. (A brief introduction to chess will be given)