Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing

The diversity of this group is reflected in its research interests, which range over such areas as numerical analysis of partial differential equations, adaptive methods for scientific computing, computational methods of fluid dynamics and turbulence, numerical solution of nonlinear problems arising from porous media flow and transport, optimal control, and simulation of stochastic reaction diffusion systems. There are weekly seminars, as well as lectures and workshops at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, on current trends in scientific supercomputing.


Layton's Research
Dr. Layton's research involves modeling the large eddies (such as storm fronts, hurricanes and tornadoes in the atmosphere) in turbulent flow, predicting their motion in computational experiments and validating mathematically the large eddy models an
Neilan's Research
Dr. Neilan's research interests include finite element methods and their convergence analysis for fully nonlinear partial differential equations.
Trenchea's Research
Dr. Trenchea’s expertise lies in the numerical analysis of semidiscrete and fully discrete space-time discretizations of control problems, convergence and error estimates, and the development of numerical algorithms for finding the optimal solutions.
Yotov's Research
Dr. Yotov’s research interests are in the numerical analysis and solution of partial differential equations and large scale scientific computing with applications to fluid flow and transport.


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