2014 Fall Theme Semester on Discrete Networks

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2014 Fall Theme Semester on Discrete Networks: Geometry, Dynamics and Applications

Department of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh
September - December 2014

The goal of the Semester is to expose graduate students, visitors and faculty to a variety of research directions involving discrete geometrical structures, networks, and dynamics of such. In a nutshell, these directions can be summarized as:

  • Morphogenesis of Discrete Structures: How do discrete structures achieve their shapes? How do they themselves evolve over time?
  • Dynamics on Networks: How do network features influence emergent dynamics of connected collections of dynamic nodes?
  • Dynamic Networks: What happens when the nodes have time-dependent states and the network itself is also evolving?

The semester will consist of concentrated activities, including five mini-courses at graduate level, delivered by: I. Belykh, D. Burago, R. Connelly, L. Deville and M. Newman. The Semester will also include a workshop (to be announced).

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