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Funding for Travel

The Department of Mathematics strongly encourages graduate students to actively participate in scientific conferences. For this purpose, the Graduate Committee welcomes requests from graduates for financial support toward travel expenses, accommodations, and conference fees.

On the other hand, the department has very limited funds to support travel of faculty and PhD students. All decisions to fund travel and levels of funding are made by the department chair and the Planning and Budget Committee. At their request, the Graduate Committee reviews travel requests of graduate students. The Graduate Committee will forward the worthy ones with positive recommendation that they be funded at some level, provided departmental funds are available.

A travel request should be on one page, possibly including supporting documents as appendices. Separate travel funding requests should be made for each trip. The request should be made to the Graduate Committee chair. The student's advisor must send a supporting letter.

When evaluating an application, the Graduate Committee will favor requests with the following characteristics.

  • The student is close to completing a PhD and is giving a talk or has recently finished the comprehensive examination and has not received prior departmental travel funding.
  • The student is searching matching support for the travel requested.

Other sources of funding include the following.

The request should follow these guideline.  Graduate Student Travel Reimbursement Worksheet

  1. Request: I request $**** support to attend [insert conference title and dates]. I will give a scientific talk on [title of your talk].
  2. Rationale: This conference was chosen because [reasons]. Benefits of my attendance include [benefits].
  3. Budget: [Detailed budget: travel expenses, accommodations, and conference fees, etc].
  4. Matching funding sought: I have requested matching funding of $**** from[List sources. Have you tried all of the sources listed above? If not, why not?].
  5. The department [has/has not] provided travel funding before. [If so, give details.]

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