Graduate Handbook

Dismissal Procedure

  1. At least three faculty members familiar with the student as an instructor and/or advisor may, in writing, request that the Graduate Committee dismiss the student from the PhD program.
  2. Upon receipt of this letter, the Graduate Committee will inform the faculty, via a memo, that such a recommendation has been made and invite comments both for and against the recommendation.
  3. The student will be informed of the recommendation and receive a list of the reported deficiencies, but not the names of the proponents and opponents. The student will be given an opportunity to prepare a defense against the proposed dismissal.
  4. A meeting of the Graduate Committee will be held to discuss the recommendation, and all faculty will be invited. At the meeting, the student and any interested faculty member may present oral or written statements. The student will present his or her case first and then leave the room so that an open and frank discussion can take place.
  5. The Graduate Committee will vote by written, signed ballot within two working days of the meeting. A vote of 75% in favor of dismissal is needed for a student to be dismissed from the program.
  6. The student and faculty will be informed of the results of the vote in writing. The Graduate Committee also will prepare a written report of the proceedings. The report will be placed in the student's confidential file.
  7. A student may appeal a dismissal vote to the chairman of the department. The request must be filed within 10 working days of receiving a dismissal notice.

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