Layton's Research

Dr. Layton's research involves modeling the large eddies (such as storm fronts, hurricanes and tornadoes in the atmosphere) in turbulent flow, predicting their motion in computational experiments and validating mathematically the large eddy models and algorithms developed. Current approaches to LES seem to be presently confronting some barriers to resolution, accuracy and predictability. It seems likely that many of these barriers can be traced to the mathematical foundation of the models used, the boundary conditions imposed and the algorithms employed for the simulations. The goal of Dr. Layton's research is to develop these mathematical foundations as a guide for practical computation. This research promises to make it possible to extend the range of accuracy and reliability of predictions important to applications, such as those described above, where technological progress requires confronting turbulence! In all these aspects of analysis, modeling, algorithm development, numerical analysis and experimentation, common themes include: Mathematical analysis as a guide to practical computation and Numerical analysis as a guide to understanding phenomena rather than "solving equations".

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