Mathematical Biology

The biological world stands as the next great frontier for mathematical modeling and analysis. This group studies complex systems and dynamics arising in various biological phenomena. Areas of interest include neuroscience, movement disorders, immunology, cellular function, and genetic regulation. The groups uses a wide array of approaches, from applied mathematics and nonlinear analysis, including computer simulations, bifurcation theory, perturbation methods, and mathematical model building, to rigorous analysis.


Ermentrout's Research
Dr. Ermentrout is interested in the applications of nonlinear dynamics to biological problems.
Prof. Constantine Research
Gregory Constantine contributes to the planning of scientific experiments.
Rubin's Research
Dr. Rubin works on both theoretical and applied problems coming from neuroscience, as well as on inflammation and related medical issues, in collaboration with students, postdocs, and medical school faculty.
Swigon's Research
Dr. Swigon works in molecular biology, with a focus on quantification of the relation between the sequence, mechanical properties, and biological function of intracellular components.


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